My Thoughts on The Obama-O’reilly Interview

On Sunday, February 4, 2014,  Fox News’ Bill O’reilly sat down with President Obama for a short 10 minute pre-game and 20 minute post-game Super Bowl interview. I, like many, was skeptical that Mr. O’reilly would actually press Obama on the relevant and pertinent issues plaguing America today. I like O’reilly, but I have disagreed with him on multiple issues in the past. So this is not coming from an adoring O’reilly fan, though I do watch him.

I watched the interview from start to finish. Predictably, the left rushed to President Obama’s aide and called “foul.” They called Bill rude, obnoxious, and disrespectful to the President. The far right, which I proudly consider myself, also predictably blamed O’reilly for not being tougher on the President and for allowing him to not “answer” the questions. I believe both characterizations are unfair.

Coming from someone who was skeptical about the interview, I think Mr. O’reilly did a great job. He had a very limited amount of time to ask some difficult and important questions. As we all know, President Obama can ramble for hours, easily running out the clock. Bill had his work cut out for him. Kudos to Bill for asking the tough questions that the “media” no longer has the courage to ask. Benghazi, IRS targeting of conservative groups, Obamacare, the Economy, and other issues are not so called “non-issues.” These are important issues to real Americans and should not be shrugged off as “Far-Right” creations. Let’s have some integrity people. 

As far as Bill’s tone towards the President, I think it was perfect. Respectful, but firm. The one’s who say he was disrespectful to the President cannot come up with one circumstance to prove he was. It all comes from the liberal premise that President Obama is a “special” man, not an ordinary President. Want proof? Look at what Geraldo Rivera said, “You took away his majesty.” Seriously? I did not know Obama was a king. He is definitely not mine. Bush was hammered far harder, but you never heard anyone from the left saying that was disrespectful. O’reilly was cordial, respectful, firm, and tough. In the end, we need more journalists like him.    


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