Daily News (2/12/14)

What has happened so far and what do you need to know? Here is the breakdown: 

 1) House Republicans caved on a no-strings attached debt limit increase. What does this mean? It will now go to the Senate where it has a high probability of passing. Once it passes, the government can continue spending as much money as it wants until March 2015. John Boehner is the worst.

 2) Obamacare: Still sucks and is a disaster despite the continuous lying from the Democrats. The employer mandate was delayed AGAIN! It’s all politics and strategy my friends. People “enrolled” are not paying, and the so-called “invencibles (young people)” are still not signing up fast enough. I smell an insurance bailout soon. 

 3) Republican Kevin Faulconer won the highly contested San Diego mayoral race. Disgraced Mayor Bob Filner, a filthy pig, resigned due to sexual misconduct. Unions spent over $2 million trying to beat Kevin. 

 4) Sarah Palin will speak at CPAC.

 5) A crazy snow storm is going to hit the south.

Not much else really. Will update if something comes up.



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