The National Association for the Advancement of Some or All Colored People?

Last week, “Reverend” William Barber called South Carolina Senator Tim Scott (R) a “ventriloquist” dummy for the Tea/Republican Party.

My question is, does the NAACP stand for the advancement of all or some colored people? Senator Tim Scott is the first black Senator since Reconstruction. This is something that should be praised, not attacked. However, the NAACP follows the liberal playbook to a tee.

If you’re a minority, especially a woman, and a conservative, you are viciously attacked. Why is this? Shouldn’t feminists, the NAACP, La Raza, and other organizations that supposedly want to advance minorities and women in politics be praising these accomplishments? They should, but they don’t. Why? Because they only want advancement of people who believe like they do.

David Webb, a great black conservative, asked some people in the NAACP if the Tea Party was racist. All of them said “Yes.” When he asked for examples, not one could provide one. A member of the NAACP said the Tea Party is racist against blacks, women, and hispanics. What?

I have never heard (and they may have) a conservative blast a liberal because of their skin color or gender. They have eviscerated them because of their policies, but not their gender or race.

On the other hand, liberals always attack minorities and women when they are conservatives.

Want proof? 1) Sarah Palin; 2) Michelle Bachman; 3) Marco Rubio; 4) Ted Cruz; 5) George Zimmerman (not a political figure but was called a “white hispanic”); 6) Clarence Thomas; 7) Tim Scott; 8) David Webb; 9) Nigel Innis; 10) Allen West; 11) Alan Keys. I could keep going and going.

When we attack Obama, liberals think it is all about race. They could not be more wrong. It is a projection, because they are all about race.

They cannot see beyond race, and reproductive organs.

The moral is this, the NAACP needs to apologize and start advancing the agenda of all colored people whether liberal or conservative. If not, have some integrity and change your name to “The National Association for the Advancement of Some Colored People as Long as They Keep in Line.”

That name would be more honest. NAACP, I am a minority, and you disgust me.



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