Is it true that illegal immigrants take American jobs?

In short, yes and no.

This is one area I believe both Conservatives and Americans in general need to get a reality check. 

Conservatives, of which I proudly consider myself, constantly use the talking point “Illegal immigrants are taking American jobs.” In a sense, yes, some illegal immigrants do take some American jobs, but the truth is far more complicated. 

 The truth is, Americans have become lazy. Unions, the service industry, and an entitlement mentality has shifted the old America of hard work into one of everyone wanting to sit behind a desk. What happened? 

In short, the free-market.

America has been shifting towards a service industry over a manufacturing industry for several decades. I can tell you from first-hand experience, illegal immigrants have been picking up the slack. There was a demand, they became the supply. They work the industries and for the pay that no one else is willing to work such as heavy duty construction in ridiculous weather, picking crops, etc. Many say, “Americans don’t do those jobs because they are taken by immigrants.” 

Bull!! I don’t know any Americans (they may exist) that would be willing to work construction in 110 degree heat or extreme cold or pick crops in the field for minimum wage or less without their “coffee, smoke, or bathroom break” and without their union rep. That time has long since passed. Anyone who believes they would is delusional.

 What is my proof? Have we not been paying attention to the entitlement mentality in this country? Americans are becoming increasingly dependant on government (as are minorities). Not all, but many are becoming lazy. Disability is through the roof, food stamp use has skyrocketed, unemployment is high, etc..

I would challenge any Conservative on the above fallacy that Americans would be willing to do the job of immigrants. 

Some may, but most would not. There was a time that would not be so. My grandfather, a proud American, picked cotton and enjoyed it. That is sadly dying here in America.

Does this mean I support an immigration bill? Yes, but only if certain provisions are followed. However, that is a topic for another day.

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  1. Reblogged this on georgeblaine and commented:
    This concern is commonly shared here in Ireland too and indeed across the developed world. It is not just a consequence of American free market philosophy but globalization where amongst other things there is the free or increasingly free movement of labour. But whats the alternative? Protectionism? If every country agreed to play by the rules of protectionism them maybe some of the social disorders caused by globalization could be tackled but if only a couple of regions adopted protectionist strategies then the fear is that they will be overtaken by the free market and more competitive countries.

    1. Greetings from America George!

      I have always wanted to visit Ireland, I hear it is absolutely beautiful.

      I agree it has much to do with globalization. My point with the free-market was just stating how there became a demand, and they (immigrants) filled it.
      It is a common concern, and rightfully so. However, when politicians make them a scapegoat it does not lead to honest discussion. You are correct, protectionism in itself is not the answer. I believe we here in America need far better border security. However, any of these politicians who think they can deport 12 million + immigrants are crazy. Though I do not support illegal immigration, it would devastate the economy and the prices of goods would skyrocket.

      What do you think? How is it affecting Ireland?

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