Obama is weak and the Middle East Burns

Iraq, Libya, Syria, and now the Ukraine. All of these countries were never great, but were once stable. What happened? A weak President and an inarticulate foreign policy have wreaked havoc in the Middle East. 

Obama loves to talk tough, but his actions are anything but. Yesterday he stated that if the Ukraine crossed “a line” there would be consequences. Where have we heard that before? Syria!

We all know what happened there. 

Obama tried to sound tough and Putin called his bluff, essentially making Russia the new broker in the Middle East. The United States is now less relevant and our credibility has dropped even more. 

Let’s not blame it all on Putin though. Obama pulled us out of Iraq and as we all know, Iraq is doing just fine. Whoops! Sorry, I was thinking of another country.

 Iraq has descended into total and complete chaos. Great, all those American lives and trillions of dollars for nothing.

Then came Gaddafi, President (dictator) of Libya. This guy was a scumbag and everyone knew it, however, he was actually a decent ally to the U.S. He was actually a moderate compared to Saddam, the Ayatollah’s and other groups. 

Gaddafi had stopped messing with the U.S since President Reagan kicked his butt and killed his son in the late 80’s. Again, Obama supported the so called “arab spring” to try and prove a point. What did we get out of it? Another black hole in the Middle East. 

 Let’s Summarize: 1) We pulled out of Iraq and let it go to hell; 2) Killed Gaddafi without replacing him or keeping a military presence; 3) Talked tough on Syria, nothing happened and now Russia is in control; and 4) Iran has made us look like idiots and got everything they wanted. 

 In short, Obama and his administration have made us the laughing stock of the world, all the while single handedly allowing the Middle East go down in flames and erupt into total chaos. It is amazing how much harm can be accomplished in 5 years.



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