The Obamacare “strawman” Argument

“Status quo,” “Back to the way things were,” “Something had to be done.” All of the previous statements and more are common and rudimentary arguments used by the proponents of Obamacare.

The disfavor with Obamacare is blamed on the horrible “implementation” of the law. But as usual, Liberals fail to see beyond their nose.

The disastrous rollout is a symptom of a much bigger problem. The premise was that Government was smart and efficient enough to manipulate the healthcare industry, but we found out they cannot even create a functioning website.

We have also learned that it is costing jobs and the employer mandate has not even kicked in. If that wasn’t bad enough, tons of people are being denied coverage. How is this possible? The doctors and hospitals choose to accept Obamacare and they do not have to.

Anyone with common sense knew this was going to happen before the law was passed. This problem is far worse than one of implementation. Democrats love to use Social Security, Welfare, and Medicaid as bad rollouts but a huge “success” at the end.

Well, if “success” is eventual bankruptcy, the biggest driver of our nation’s debt, and raising taxes, then yes, it was a HUGE success.

The problem with entitlements is that they always grow and never shrink. Eventually, you have to compensate and raise taxes to cover a growing base.

There is talk about bailing out insurance companies. Conservatives saw this coming a mile away! Democrats called us crazy, paranoid, and ideologues. No, they are just ignorant.

No one with common sense believed that a: 1) 1,000+ page law that was never read; 2) Bill with regulations that had not yet been written “write as you go”; and 3) None of the lawmakers, including Obama, understood the law would work well.

This law is changing, and will continue to change the 40-hour work week and destroying the economy.

When asked, Democrats say this is great because it allows people to stay home. The problem is that it is not by choice. True Conservatives want to give people a great job and the choice to stay home or go to work.

As usual, Democrats think they know best, and we are idiots.



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