Amazing. Pure leftists cannot and do not believe in freedom, because it goes against their worldview. They believe that the average Joe does not have the intelligence to do what is best for them. That is the job of the Federal Government. A magical place where elected and unelected bureaucrats are kind-hearted, all-knowing, smart, selfless, and care more for our health than we do. Can you say amazingly naive? 

Justice? Who decides what is “justice?” Regulators? Judges? Politicians? No thank you. Freedom of speech, free-markets, and freedom of association are repulsing to a liberal. They claim to be for freedom but only to the point it serves their purpose. Their “holier than thou” and “I know better than you” mindset does not allow them to be advocates of freedom. Quite the opposite, it paves the road for Totalitarianism, Socialism, and Communism. 

If they hate freedom so much, they should go to a Socialist/Communist paradise where it has worked beautifully. Like Cuba. 

Let me know how you like it.



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