Russia’s Actions in the Ukraine Show the Dangers of Liberal Thinking

It has been five days since Russia forcibly entered Crimea. For those of us that are geographically challenged, Crimea is in the Ukraine.

Why Crimea? It is a strategic vantage point for Russia, one they will not let go of lightly.

When asked? President Obama lectured Putin of acting in “19th Century fashion when we are in the 21st Century.” What??? What does that even mean? For some reason liberals believe that we all come to the table, create some rules, and everybody will follow them.

What happens when we weaken ourselves in the hope of establishing good will, and another country decides they will not? We are already finding out.

Putin is a brilliant tactician. He has played Obama multiple times during the last few month’s. This is a man that has no fear of Obama or the European Union. Why would he? Obama fumbled Syria, and has shown weakness in every foreign policy engagement.

Those of us that have common sense saw this coming a mile away. Romney, Sarah Palin, and many others warned of this happening, and of course were mocked by the “brilliant” liberal media. Read what Romney said “here.” I’m sure they are going to get an apology soon….

It would seem that liberals have absolutely no idea how the real world works. From economics to foreign policy, they have a limited and dangerously naive view of how things should be done.

Putin was elected in 2012, and in two years has elevated Russia to a status unheard of since the Cold War. He has played Obama time and time again and will continue to do so. Why? He does not fear this Administration.

Make no mistake, this is a direct result of a confused and weak foreign policy on behalf of the Obama administration. Now, liberals would say, what would you do? Great question, here is what I would do:

1) Authorize and rush the missile defense field around Poland and nearby countries that was canceled by the Obama administration. This would show Russia we are serious and ready to protect our allies.

2) Place U.S. and NATO soldiers near the Russian border.

3) Freeze all Russian assets and halt trade with Russia, including businesses from the U.S. to Russia.

4) Provide weapons to Poland and our allies close to Russia.

5) Remove regulations for drilling and approve the Keystone pipeline. This will lower the price of oil thus hurting Russia’s bottomline.

6) Increase military spending.

There are many more things that can be done, but these are some that can be accomplished quite quickly.

Unfortunately, we are seeing history revive itself before our very eyes. Get ready for another Cold War. Not only with Russia, but China as well. We may well find out what would have happened if we would have lost the Cold War. I hope I am wrong.

In the end, Putin knows Obama is no Reagan.


**Update: Secretary of State John Kerry came out saying that “Putin will lose in the international community.”

Kerry’s first mistake is believing that Putin gives a rip about the international community.

Second, how does he know Putin will lost in the international community? Russia provides Europe with oil. Germany is not going to go against Russia.

More words and no action from this weak and pathetic administration.


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