25 Top Biggest Campaign Donors (14 of them are Unions).

25 Top Biggest Campaign Donors (14 of them are Unions).

The Koch brothers are the proverbial boogie man to the Left. The height of corporate greed and evil. The men behind the iron mask of politics, and the driving force behind conservative funding. 

The nail on the coffin was the Citizen’s United case which stated that “Corporations are people too and can donate to campaigns.” This made the left go haywire and go into a frenzy calling it the end of our democracy. 

Ironically, Unions are some of the biggest campaign contributors in the country. Far exceeding the Koch brothers and corporations. Not to mention, most Unions, if not all, donate to Democratic campaigns. Why don’t we ever hear about how evil that is? Because it is not convenient. 

Liberals are intellectually and morally dishonest. If they believe corporations should not be able to contribute to political campaigns, neither should Unions. I would be okay with that. I don’t know if they can say the same…




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