Oh, Obama. Sometimes I wonder if he is just plain ignorant or just simply naive.

This President actually believes that international law will stop greed. Is he 15? Seriously. I haven’t seen thinking like this since grade school where we would complain about the bullies.

This is the problem with the Liberal worldview. They actually believe that “gun free” zones will stop attackers. They believe that passing a law will stop a criminal and everyone will live happily ever after. Yes, laws can and are a deterrent to some, but not to all. When we believe everyone will follow the rules, we become comfortable and weak.

We do not have that luxury. I’m sorry to burst their utopian bubble, but that is not how life really works. Life is pain. It is unfair and people get hurt. The one’s who have an advantage are the one’s that are prepared. While Obama is whining about international law (not understanding that people like Putin couldn’t give a crap), Putin is out there laughing his head off taking over Crimea.

We have a bunch of naive children in Washington and the White House. God help us.


P.S: Putin gets around this and outsmarts Obama by “allowing” Crimea to hold a vote to join Russia. What objection will the international community have against that?


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