Abortion-The Silent Holocaust

Few topics today can evoke as much anger as abortion on both sides of the debate. On the pro-life front, we believe life begins at conception and that the life of every human is sacred because it was given by God, not man.

On the pro-abortion side, many if not most, would admit the baby growing in the mothers womb is a human, even if they won’t call it a person. Pro-abortion advocates believe that the mother should have almost no restrictions in being able to terminate her pregnancy at will. However, few supporters would have the gravitas to say that out loud.

In essence, they believe that despite the baby being a human, the mothers life and choices trump the child’s right to life, for almost any reason. Abortion advocates would like and some have lobbied for abortion up to the final trimester. Their dream is unlimited access at any time and for any reason. The woman should have complete control of her life, future, and reproductive process.

To sum up the argument: A woman has the right to take the life of an unborn human child because her life, well-being, and choices are worth more than the child inside of her. Value. That is what the argument is about. Who places this value? Society. In essence, a child is less human and not a person. If the woman isn’t ready for a child and wants to follow her career, the baby is disposable. There is no debate on whether what is growing inside a woman is human, we even know that the baby feels pain after only a few weeks. The question becomes, when does a baby’s life gain enough value to be allowed to live?

Where have we heard this argument before? It sounds a lot like the argument for slavery. Black men and women were not considered full humans in regards to value and were therefore sold into slavery, beaten, raped, and killed. They were treated worse than animals. The life and wants of the owner superseded the value/life of the slave. Their life was subject to the whim of their master. How they were treated was never questioned, because their lives or well-being meant nothing.

Now some would say this argument is misleading because those were grown humans and were sold because of the color of their skin. I disagree. Babies are killed because of their age, or lack of it. Their right to life is hinged on a status: Trimesters. In the same way they are seen as less than human to a large number of the population and are killed using horrendously violent methods. It’s easier to kill babies because they are unseen. If we were to show every aborted baby to the woman who commit an abortion, I believe the sentiment would be far different. Don’t believe me? Then why are proponents of abortions so adamantly against states requiring a 4-D ultrasound before an abortion? Because it no longer becomes an abstract concept, it becomes real. Now the baby has value.

To say a baby has value or becomes a person because its body left the woman’s vagina is the most intellectually dishonest and stupid argument I have ever heard. If we are being honest, this is just an excuse to make people feel better about killing a human life. This is not a “termination” of some “tissue” in the body. A tissue is an ovarian cyst or a mole. I’m pretty sure having a heartbeat, eyes, skin, and coming from human parents makes you a human and not say, an animal, tissue, or non-human.

Hitler employed this argument during the massacre of over 12 million people including Jews, Gypsies, Gays, and others. The fundamental argument in all of these massacres is the same: One persons life,choices, and/or beliefs overrides the life and rights of another and therefore the taking of their life is acceptable to society, if not beneficial. Their value is almost non-existent and based upon the whim and choices of others.

Either we believe everyone has the right to life, or no one does. This is not about women’s rights. So whenever you hear the term “women’s rights” ask them: why does the mere fact that you were able to leave your mother’s vagina give you the right to stop another human from doing the same thing you were allowed to do? Is your right to happiness more valuable than a human life? If so, you are in good company. Hitler, Stalin, Fidel Castro and many felt the same way.

I hope you’re happy.



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