Global Warming and Celebrity Elitism

“Do as I say, not as I do.” This popular adage has been used to reflect hypocrisy for centuries. None is more evident than the proponents of so called global warming (aka climate change/global cooling).

The main proponents of climate change include high-profile names such as: Leonardo DiCaprio, Al Gore, Pherell, and most of Hollywood. Whenever these “brilliant minds” gather at a global warming/climate change summit to speak about how we can stop “man-made” global warming, they arrive in the most inconspicuous and environmentally friendly way possible: Private planes and SUV’s. Because we all know private planes and SUV’s are environmentally friendly.

When asked about this blatant hypocrisy, supporters contend that it is a necessity to spread the message and save the planet. Basically, if your message and intentions are noble (according to liberal standards), what you do is irrelevant.

This leads us to the heart of liberal thinking, elitism. Essentially, the people with money and access get a pass because they are using their resources for the greater good, whereas us “regular” folk must sacrifice our freedom, individuality, and standard of living for the sake of others. Is this not akin to a class-based society? I can have an SUV, private plan, mansion, and a huge carbon footprint because my good for the world overrides my bad.

Well, who decides this? Isn’t this the problem with socialism and communism in general? Yelling that there is income inequality is all fine and good, but who decides how wealth is distributed and who is entitled to more or less than someone else? Of course, in all those systems, those with greater access to government make more money than the regular masses and live a life of luxury. Everyone is equally poor accept those with access to government contracts and lobbying groups.

Liberal elites want to restrict gun ownership as much as possible, all the while allowing the bodyguards that protect their families to have guns. Why? It is necessary because they are famous. We are not, so we don’t get to have one.

There are always excuses as to why the rich, liberal elites can possess access and ownership to things they want to take away from us. Those who speak about overpopulation and are adamant supporters of abortion never volunteer to end their life. Why? Because they are to important to the cause. Without them, the cause cannot move forward, therefore it must be others who should sacrifice themselves for the greater good.

I’m sorry, I am just not buying  it. I have a slightly different view: Let the people decide what they should do. You may be surprised by the outcome, it just might work. It did give us America, after all.



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