Baltimore and Perpetual Victimization

If you haven’t heard what is going on in Baltimore, good for you. Riots, violence, arson, etc..all in a good days work for some.

Why is all this happening? The allegations are that a group of police officers killed Freddie Grey while he was in custody. To make matters worse, was the way that he died. His spinal cord fractured. That is a particularly brutal way to die. The facts of what happened are not yet known and I do not have enough information to give an opinion one way or the other. What we do know to date is that six police officers have been charged with homocide and will be prosecuted, as they should. However, for the purpose of this post, that is irrelevant. 

Whether the police did what is alleged or not, the violence and rioting is inexcusable. No, I am not black and I do not have to be. I am tired of that argument being used to shut down any differing point of view. Have they learned nothing from the Michael Brown case? All that looting, rioting, and violence for what? They were wrong. The truth doesn’t matter, it never did. It was an excuse to cause violence. Plain and simple.

The rioters claim they are against social injustice and argue that the police force is racist. Martin Luther King Jr. went through far worse than this generation of blacks and yet he maintained peace.

 I love facts, let’s take a look at how racist Baltimore really is. The Mayor of Baltimore is black. The Chief of Police is black. The prosecutor is black. Over 60% of the councilmen are black and about 50% of the police force is composed of minorities. Where is the racism?

When asked, many of the community leaders talk about poverty, lack of opportunity, disproportionate arrests of black men and how all that leads to a culture of violence. Institutional racism is the cause of all this violence and rage. President Obama called for more “investment” in the community, which is code for raising taxes and more spending. So what’s the problem?

The Democratic party has had control of Maryland/Baltimore for decades! From the governorship to the council members. What have they done for the black community? The unemployment for African-Americans in Baltimore stands at around 10%. Not only is violence and unemployment prevalent in Baltimore, but in Chicago, Philadelphia and Detroit. What do they all have in common? They are largely black and have been controlled by Progressive Democrats for over three decades, some even longer. All of them. 

Yet, the violence and amount of black deaths in Chicago is almost akin to the deaths the U.S. Soldiers suffered in Afghanistan during the height of the war. See something wrong here?

Perpetual victimization. It is the Democrats secret weapon. Fear can be a powerful motivator to get someone out to vote. Republicans have allowed the Democrats to use that tactic practically unchallenged. When was the last time you heard a Republican explain how the minimum wage laws are hurting the black community, or how they need to start taking responsibility for their actions?

We need brave men and women from the African-American community who are not afraid to stand up and say the truth. Pastor Jonathon Gentry became famous due to a video he posted on YouTube condemning the violence in Ferguson and for his direct language. We need more people like him.

Instead, all you hear from so called “leaders” in the black community is how they need more money, opportunities, education, etc… All that is good, but how can that be done if the people don’t change? Do you think businesses want to invest and pour money into areas they believe may have a riot or be burned down again in the future? Do you think businesses are going to rebuild all of their stores in Baltimore? Some may, but I guarantee many won’t.

Famed Economists Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams, two African-American men, consistently speak about the need for personal responsibility in the African-American community. They argue, persuasively I might add, that racism has little to no role in the accumulation of wealth. To prove this, they discuss the situations of almost all the minorities around the world and explain why some have fared better than others. I recommend reading “Basic Economics” by Thomas Sowell and “Race and Economics” by Walter Williams. Let’s use facts instead of feelings and pre-canned statements.

Finally, the unofficial definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. The black community have overwhelmingly given power to the Democrats in their local counties and states for decades. Isn’t it time they stop the insanity?

Maybe they should try voting Republican.



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