George Soros & More Liberal Hypocrisy

George Soros. A billionaire whose name was rarely known before being ousted by Glenn Beck, is heavily involved in progressive politics. He has unofficially had his hands in MSNBC, CNN, tons of super PAC’s, and some pundits have even speculated that his influence extends as far as other countries.

I do not know if all of the above is true, but he is clearly a man of great influence in American politics. He is to the far left, what the Democrats claim the Koch brothers are to Republicans.

Why does this matter? Well, Democrats hate big money in politics, unless it comes from Hollywood, George Soros, Unions, Wall Street, left-wing businesses, or Silicon Valley.

The Democrats, especially the Progressive wing, love taxing the “rich.” No matter how much they pay, they never give their fair share. They have many examples of rich liberals that openly profess the sins of their own kind and how they should be forced to pay higher taxes through government coercion. Rich billionaires and millionaires such as Warren Buffet, Al Sharpton, George Soros, and many others are some of the most outspoken “make the rich pay more” evangelists. Unfortunately, there is a slight problem with all of the aforementioned rich liberals. They all owe money to the IRS.

So how much do these tax-loving fat cats owe to the IRS (aka the American people)?

1) George Soros: Godfather of the left- owes $6.7 billion. That’s right, with a B.

2) Warren Buffet: (Through his company Berkshire Hathaway), -owes over $1 billion in taxes and the case has been pending for over 10 years.

3)  Al Sharpton: Racist agitator and idiot- owes $ 3.7 million in taxes. Honorable mention: His National Action Network, a non-profit, is also used to fund his rich lifestyle and has a horrible track record of ripping people off.

These are just three of the many leftist hypocrites including Google, Facebook, Apple, and many other companies that look for innovative ways to shield their CEO’s and their companies from paying taxes all over the world. Don’t believe me? Google it (pun not intended).

Why don’t they pay their “fair share” of taxes if they believe the rich should pay more? Because they are liars. It sounds great to say the rich should pay more, but they rarely do. The real rich, the top 1%, have access to legal advice, tax shelters, lawyers, accountants, and foreign governments. We do not. It really is that simple.

This is not an article condemning the rich, but of exposing liberal hypocrisy. I believe the rich, like us, should keep more of what they earn. The problem becomes when some of the rich call for higher taxes on a tax-bracket of $250,000 or above. 250k is nothing for a small business or corporation and many times the owner is barely making ends meet. It is a rare case when any of the big corporations or CEO’s will come out and advocate something against their interests. They are responsible to their shareholders, that’s it.

By coming out and making those statements, they give credibility to the Democrats ideological positions. If Warren Buffet says the rich should pay more taxes, we want to believe he is sincere and wants to do what is best for the country. However, history has shown that our self-interests are rarely put aside for the sake of someone else. Warren Buffet did not become the world’s second richest man by paying more in taxes and not using whatever tools he had at his disposal to avoid paying as much as possible. That rings true for most people in general as well.

The old adage still rings true today. “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”


**Note: I included four sources, there are plenty more. Two are right-leaning and two are left-leaning. Decide for yourself.



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