Do Black Lives Still Matter in Baltimore?

Where are the riots? Where is the anger and outrage for all the black adults and children being shot in Baltimore these past few weeks? Unfortunately, it’s nowhere to be found.

Why? It doesn’t advance the narrative of the left. In order to make people believe that institutionalized racism is a thing, they have to blame an authority figure. The police are easy targets. Sometimes, they do use excessive force and sometimes, the victim happens to be black.

Despite the claim of police racism and how they love shooting black men, that argument has no factual basis. Regardless, it does not stop progressives from spewing the same anti-cop rhetoric they typically use to advance their agenda. However, it still does not solve the problem that plagues many black neighborhoods: violence.

Blaming the police for brutality and violence does wonders for uniting the liberal base and building rage for causing riots, generating money (see Al-Sharpton), and causing a media frenzy, but ultimately these neighborhoods are left worse off than before. As much as African-Americans fear the police, the homicides of African-Americans from police is almost nothing versus the homicides committed by blacks against other blacks.

Now, during the post-Freddie riots, police have drastically reduced arresting people by half, which is what the Mayor, Prosecutor, Al-Sharpton and many lefties wanted. Less black men in jail, right? More father’s, brothers, employee’s and entrepreneurs, right? Unfortunately, it isn’t working out so well for those neighborhoods.

38 post-Freddie murders have already occurred, followed by 120 homicides this year alone and we are on month five of 2015. Compare that to 200 homicides in all of 2014. Children involved shootings  are up 500% from last year! What the hell is going on?

When asked, you can always expect the usual, stupid arguments from the White House. Josh Earnest said, “Responsible and common sense gun reform would go a long way.” What?? Baltimore has one of the highest gun control policies in the country along with Chicago and New York.

This stuff doesn’t happen in Nevada, Texas, or any heavily armed city or state. Regardless, I digress.

The left got what it wanted. It made a big hoopla and created a false-narrative. Now, police are crippled to do their job and the people paying the price are the one’s in those same neighborhoods. They never cared about the people, they only cared about their policies and adding fuel to the fire.

When the police are crippled and morale is low, minorities have the most to lose. Now, that’s institutionalized racism.



Officials: Shootings Involving Children Up 500 Percent From Last Year


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