The Irrationality of Relativism

There is little doubt that we live in a post-modernistic era, which is usually touted as a good thing. It would seem this is the second “enlightenment,” where religion is dying and truth has become relative.

Nowhere has this become more prevalent than in religious circles. Religion has allowed itself to be “hijacked” by secular reasoning. When I say religion, I am referring to modern organized religions as a whole and not just Christianity.

I do not consider Christianity to be a religion, but as the only way to get into heaven through a convicting and sincere belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. This is clearly stated in the divinely inspired and inerrant Holy Scriptures. Contrary to popular relativistic belief, the Bible is not ambiguous at all regarding salvation.

Apparently, saying something of this nature is controversial, but it ties to the whole relativism thing. The chic thing to say today is, “what’s true for you is not true for me,” or any variation of that adage. The point being is that truth is no longer “knowable” and changes from situation to situation or is dependent on the circumstance.

Relativism goes against the fabric of reality. For example, mathematics never changes. Ever. We may discover new formulas, equations, etc.. but they are always an expansion on what is already known. Ironically, those new discoveries could only occur with an absolute base to work with such as, “2 + 2=4.” If the values of the aforementioned numbers were constantly changing, we would likely have never flown to the moon, built a space station, or explore the stars. We need a foundation on which to build, one that never changes. If the foundation were static in nature, it would provide a confusing and primitive world. We would never be able to advance medically, scientifically, or any other area that requires objective facts to “evolve” or adapt.

Building structures and space stations are based on the prerequisite that math never changes. The numerical values of these numbers will not change on earth, in space, or anywhere else in the universe; they remain constant. We depend on that belief in order to survive as a human race, build, and expand.

So this begs the question:Why do we believe that math is absolute but morality is relative?

It stands to reason that if one aspect of life is absolute, then others must be as well. Also, if math is absolute, where did it come from?

Evolutionists claims that the universe and its progeny happened by random chance and is one big coincidence. Fair enough. However, how could randomness and luck produce absolute laws that do not change such as math, physics, and science?

Science never changes. Our understanding of it may change; our presuppositions may change, but science never changes. The law of gravity exists on earth and has never stopped working. It is absolute. If it stopped working, we would all float into space and die. No one would argue that the law of gravity is relative on earth, unless they are clinically insane.

Obviously, we know that Mars and other planets have different levels of gravity, if any. That’s not the point. Objectively, where these laws of physics are in place, absent a superseding event, they never change. This laws do not turn on and off randomly or at will; there is order and structure.

That brings me to morality. Why then is morality seen as relative when breaking certain moral laws produces objective and verifiable negative consequences? You might be asking, “There is no way to objectively quantify if morality is objective or has negative consequences.” Not true.

Take the family unit for example. God, as stated in the Holy Scriptures, created Adam & Eve. They were the first couple and were commanded to be fruitful and multiply. That being said, God also hates divorce. He established the foundation of marriage and its vows are a covenant before God himself, not man. Moses allowed divorce, not God, “because of the hardness of their hearts.” God created the institution of marriage, not man.

If God created marriage, he has every right to define its meaning and purpose. We, as humans, have no right to alter what God has created and ordained. I am not only referring to gay marriage, but also to divorce, transgender relationships, sex outside of marriage, etc.

What are some evidences of this? Take divorce. The divorce rate in the United States is about 52%, which has dropped from its peak of 60%. Divorce rates among re-married couples is 70% just in that category. Children from divorced homes have been said to suffer from PTSD, anxiety, depression, etc. and normally fare worse in emotional intelligence scores and schooling than those that grow up in a healthy home with both parents.

Also, boys who grow up without a father are far more likely to use drugs and end up in prison than one whose father is present. For girls, growing up without a father skyrockets their chance of getting pregnant in their teens. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

We are currently seeing the fall of the civil society. Most great countries that have come and gone (Rome, Greece, Persia, etc.) were not weakened because of their enemies. They were corroded from the inside and it eventually made them brittle enough to be beaten by their enemies. Sure, many historians will point to Rome’s constant wars as a significant cause in the fall of that once great empire, but that was a symptom. Rome was having problems far before then.

The Greeks, despite having some of the greatest philosophers of all time, were notorious for practicing pedophilia, homosexuality, killing of live babies, and many other reprehensible activities (Athens, Sparta, etc.). The Athenians practiced homosexuality a long time ago and in ways not even done today. This is nothing new.

Most great countries fall eventually, and in retrospect you can always find a moral component, or lack thereof as a reason for that fall. God established governments to punish evil and promote good. However, because of our sinful nature that is rarely the case.

The people have to be moral in order for a government to properly function. If the people are immoral as a whole, tyranny ensues and it eventually devours any liberties the people claimed to hold dear. On many occasions, the people themselves remove those liberties, hastening their demise.

Morality only comes from God and following his law. One does not need to be a Christian to benefit from His law. Many countries have followed it one time or another without knowing it. God’s law is prevalent in nature, it is observable and written in our hearts via our conscience.

When we knowingly violate His law and our conscience, we die a little every time. We pass our immorality and wickedness to the next generation where it is exponentially magnified, until there is just a rotting corpse of a once great country.

I fear that is where we are today in our beloved America. God have mercy on us before it is too late.

Proverbs 1:20 “Out in the open wisdom calls aloud, she raises her voice in the public square; on top of the wall she cries out, at the city gate she makes her speech.”

I hope we listen. Wisdom is shouting at us and we are shunning her with pride and arrogance.

I’ll leave you with one last thought. If mathematics never changes and is absolute, wouldn’t it stand to reason that it had to come from an absolute being? The alternative is that randomness can produce absolute principles, it cannot.

 “An absolute reality must come from an absolute mind. Randomness and chance cannot produce absolute principles.”


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