Jorge Ramos is a Hypocrite and a Race-Hustler

Jorge Ramos. The main anchor on Univision and currently a world-wide name.

He came illegally into the United States and through hard work and race-hustling has become one of the most influential Latino voices of our day.

I once had high-hopes that Jorge Ramos would be an impartial journalist for the Latino community. God knows we need one given all the corruption that goes on in our native countries. It’s a dirty, little secret all Latino’s know, Latin America is a corrupt, corporate feeding, money-stealing, law-breaking hell hole.

Jorge Ramos, of course knows all of this, but he chooses to do nothing. Univision has become little more than the Latino de facto arm of the Democrat Party. It has become the Spanish version of MSNBC, only with more people watching it.

Why do I think Jorge Ramos is akin to Al-Sharpton? Read on…

1) Instead of journalism, he has resorted to “gotcha” questions towards Republican’s, especially regarding immigration.

2) He has shown little to no concern regarding the consequences illegal immigration has had on the United States. To him, everyone present must get amnesty, it does not matter if they have violent felonies or not. He is against Kate’s Law proposed by Bill O’reilly, which does exactly that.

3) He never, ever exposes the corruption of Mexico or its government. Instead of trying to truly help his native Mexican’s, he is more content with having them come over here, despite the dangerous journey and abuses.

4) He never speaks about Mexico’s unjust immigration practices towards Central American’s and Cuban’s. Why would he? There is no money or power for him there.

5) His daughter works for the Clinton Campaign and he has yet to make a statement or act showing neutrality or his willingness to try and be neutral.

6) In the last three years, he has become the go-to guy to speak about what Latino’s think or feel. He does not speak for me.

7) He has yet to perform a hard-hitting interview against a Democrat.

8) He grandstands to make other’s seem racist or tries to flare racial tensions. He claims other people’s rhetoric is irresponsible when his has been just as bad or worse.

9) He has dual citizenship with the United States and Mexico and has shown little to no love for the U.S.

10) According to him, if you are not for full-blown amnesty or allowing more illegals to come into the United States, you hate Latino’s and are a racist.

There are many more reasons, but these just about sum it up.

Jorge Ramos and the Democrat’s could care less about Latino’s. If he did, he would spend more time trying to make Mexican’s life better in Mexico and exposing Mexico’s corruption and harsh immigration practices. However, that wouldn’t benefit him or make him a lot of money. He is no different than every other Democrat or Al-Sharpton.

Unfortunately, as the Latino population grows, so will his power and we may one day witness Jorge Ramos become far more powerful than Al-Sharpton.

God help us all.



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