Donald Trump & Mass Deportation

One of the many controversies surrounding Donald Trump has to do with his supposed call for “mass deportation.”

I can be mistaken, but I have never specifically heard him call for the mass deportation of all illegal immigrants. I have heard him call for the deportation of many “bad people,” but he usually speaks in vague terms. This leads me to believe he is not advocating deporting all 12 million + illegal immigrant’s present in the USA, but he is content in allowing the media to think he is. It is my opinion that this is by design.

I do not know Donald Trump or why he is proposing it, but I would like to offer a theory if I may…

Illegal immigration has been allowed to occur due to corporate and government corruption and the American people have enjoyed the cheap labor and reduction in prices that have come about as a result of a lax and unenforced immigration policy. This is true.

However, we in the Latino community, have shown little to no gratitude to the United States or to the American people for the opportunity this beautiful country has afforded us. Yes, there are exceptions, but as a whole, we have not.

The American people have been burnt and abused for many years and understandably have a lot of pent up anger. Let me clarify, this is not the same as racism.  For as much as we have lowered the costs of production and labor, we have also had millions upon millions leech of the government. Not to mention, we have imported gangs, drugs, crime, our own culture, and Latino’s are now on the cusp of becoming the majority.

If we are honest, I know of no country that has allowed this type of change to its population and I know of no country that would take it as well as we have.

What would Mexico, El Salvador, or Nicaragua do if “gringo’s” were to become the majority? What if the “American’s” suddenly had the ability to change the outcome of elections or change the culture as we know it? What if our taxes increased, our language changed and our culture warped? How would we feel?

The problem is that we immediately think racism. This is how we have been programmed to think, especially since Barack Obama got elected. Everything is seen through a prism of race.

No, I submit to you it is about protecting what is ours, what we hold dear. Sure, there are some racists who hate Latino’s, but we have them in our culture, too. Every race and culture have racists, so let’s stop playing the game that only “white” people can be racists. That’s ridiculous.

That being said, I do not believe Donald Trump is serious about mass deportation. Now, I could be wrong. Here’s why…

Donald Trump is a skilled negotiator and people-reader. Contrary to popular belief, he is no dummy. Rule 101 of negotiations, go as high as you can so when you go lower, you can still come out winning. He knows American’s are angry.

If he calls for mass deportation, then later walks back on mass deportation and calls for a wall instead, it would be a dream come true for Latino’s and many amnesty advocates. It would also satisfy his base, because he would actually get something done where most politicians have failed. He knows that logistically, deporting 12+ million illegals is extremely difficult. To make matters worse, the courts and many in both parties would do everything they could to stop him. By aiming high, he can get what he wants in the end and both sides would be happy or at least content with the outcome.

Now, if he is serious, I am against it for the following reasons:

1) The U.S. and the American people have been complicit in allowing illegal immigration to occur for decades. This does not remove blame from those coming in illegally, but it does change the severity of the punishment(s) that should be given.

2) Deporting 12 million + illegals would destroy the agriculture and service industries, Few, if any Americans, would pick tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables for less than minimum wage.

3) It would cause chaos in the communities and would create problems in the originating countries if you send the children back with the parent’s, many of which are American citizens. Even if you apply the proper interpretation of the 14th Amendment and end the ability of illegal’s to have “anchor” babies, the law would not be retroactive and you cannot do that to an American Citizen.

4) Morally, I believe illegal immigration is wrong and deportation is a nation’s right. However, mass deporting 12 million + people is not only excessive, but inhumane when there are various other options that can placate both sides.

5) I believe we can lower the amount of illegal immigrants by deporting all that have violent felonies and/or just felonies in general. This would reduce the amount of illegal immigrant’s in the country and would allow the ones that have been here for many years to partake of the greatness of America.

6) Many have been here for decades and have built there lives here. That does not make it right, but it does at least merit some consideration in determining their future. Many are good people and given the right rules and guidelines, would become great American resident’s.

If here illegally, I do not support the granting of citizenship, but of permanent residency. I listed all of this in detail




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