Dr. Carson Does Not Understand What the “Will of the People” Means.

I must confess, I really liked Dr. Carson when he first announced his candidacy for President of the United States. His life story is one of perseverance, dedication, and hope. One would be hard-pressed not to tear-up while watching the movie, “Gifted Hands.”

Dr. Carson is undoubtedly a man blessed with amazing talents from God, which he dutifully used to bless thousands of hurting children.

That being said, his support and staunch defense of Donald Trump have made many of his supporters question his character and integrity. However, his latest comments are even more troubling than his support of Donald Trump.

When asked by FoxNews to share his thoughts on the #nevertrump movement trying to recruit a third-party candidate, he stated, “There’s a level of arrogance there that is almost incomprehensible.” He also went on to say that “we the people” have spoken and the establishment is trying to choose their candidate.

Shame on Dr. Carson, he should know better. 37% of the Republican Party (this includes some Democrats) is hardly “we the people.” In fact, Trump has a 70% negative rating with the overall general electorate. Now, that could change, but that is where it currently stands.

I love how Dr. Carson goes on to quote Thomas Jefferson when his and Trump’s arguments go against the foundation of this country and the intent of the Founder’s. Populism, which is being preached by the Trump evangelists (Yes, including Dr. Carson), is not synonymous to the “Will of the people.”  Quite the contrary, it is the antithesis of “we the people.”

Our Founding Father’s hated democratic rule, which is why in their wisdom gave us a Constitutional Representative Republic. Our system allows for the people’s voices to be heard, but their voice is not absolute. People cannot, no matter how popular, vote to remove our God-given rights enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Slavery was popular, but it didn’t make it right and Abraham Lincoln knew this. He understood the intent of the Founder’s and the spirit of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

The Founder’s understood that democracies commit suicide because the mob is fickle and usually oppress whatever minority group it feels responsible for its problems at any given time. It cannot help cannibalizing itself from one whim to another. This can easily be seen in Socialistic and Communistic countries where the “will of the people” is often invoked by their “rulers” and might makes right. Fidel Castro is popular in Cuba and claims the “will of the people” has made Cuba a place of equality. We know that everyone there is equally poor, except for him, his family, and friends.

Dr. Carson’s may know history, but he clearly does not understand the Founder’s intent. Donald Trump is for all purposes, a Democrat. The Republican Party has been a vehicle for Conservatives to affect change, albeit far less so than the Neocons, Progressive Republicans, and other groups. However, even though we did not always live up to our ideals, we at least stood for certain principles such as a strong national defense, fiscal responsibility, traditional values, and patriotism. Donald Trump has changed all that. We are currently a party with no discernible principles because our leader has no principles. Why continue with a political party whose leader is now no different than the other party’s leader?

I do not subscribe to a political party to simply win or to “back our team.” No, I voted for the Republican Party because despite all of its imperfections, it actually stood for something. It was the Party that gave us freedom from slavery and ended the Cold War. It produced Ronald Reagan for goodness sake, one of the greatest President’s in a generation.

Now, we are stuck with a man that was a life-long Democrat, gave money to Democrat’s, and has held liberal beliefs his entire life. If that wasn’t enough, he is vulgar, insulting, and immoral. Almost identical to Hillary Clinton, no?

All that being said, Dr. Carson needs to realize the “will of the people” is important, but it is not absolute. Also, the people have not yet spoken. He is the one showing arrogance by believing he knows what the “will of the people” is before they have truly spoken. If we were to apply his standards of populism, Abraham Lincoln would have never become President by winning on the third ballot on that hot convention floor in Chicago. He was a long-shot at best to become President and through shrewd political maneuvering, he managed to barely win the nomination.

A Constitutional Representative Republic was given to us because the Founder’s did not trust the government, but they also did not trust the people as a whole. They believed the states, not the mob, would be the best way to control tyranny. That is why we have an electoral college instead of the popular vote (Al Gore lost, get over it).

Unfortunately, they also predicted that our society would fall if we ever became populated with an “immoral and ignorant people.” It would seem we have reached that point when the presumptive nominee of the greatest political party in history is no different than the political party that founded the KKK (Yes, it was the Democratic Party).

Dr. Carson, with respect, I suggest reading the “Federalist Papers” again and “Democracy in America.” I’m sure you shall come out enlightened and with a clearer understanding of the vision of our Founder’s. I know I did.


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