Evangelicals & Trump-What Gives?

Many of us have asked while scratching our heads, “how can the evangelical community vote and/or support Trump?” I have pondered this question for many month’s and have come to the conclusion that the answer is quite simple.

When I say evangelical support, I am not referring to those who chose a Christian-Conservative candidate and have now resigned themselves to vote for Trump because they are horrified of Hillary. I am calling out the evangelical leader’s and pastors that have openly advocated and have claimed to be proud to vote for Trump from the beginning (Falwell, Dr. Scott, Warren, Jeffries, etc.).

I find it amusing how these pastors and evangelicals are constantly telling those of us that will not vote for Trump on moral grounds that, “we are not supposed to judge” or that we are going to let Hillary win, therefore we will be doing the will of Satan.

You cannot have it both ways. You cannot say we are not supposed to judge and then judge us for not voting for someone that is just as ungodly, if not more so than Hillary. I despised Mitt Romney, but at least he had morals.

I have come to the conclusion that many of these same pastors and evangelicals are either: a) Non-Christians (i.e., a wolf in sheep clothing); or b) Are worldly-Christians.

For instance, take Dr. Darell Scott, a black minister (not that race should matter but considering Trump’s negatives among Blacks I figured it’s relevant). Dr. Scott went on CNN to defend his support for Trump and his argument was that morality has become relative, therefore morality nor character matter anymore. Thus, we Christians should support Trump.

Is this what the Bible says? Doesn’t God’s truth supersede all truth, especially if you are a pastor? He is supposed to know the Scriptures, there is no excuse. God’s laws are timeless, unbound to culture, race, and creed. In fact, without absolute truth, he would likely be a slave today. Dr. King argued in his letter from Birmingham Jail that God’s law was superior to man’s law, therefore man did not have the right to deprive the rights of Blacks because they were made in God’s image.

If morality no longer matters, then why would I vote for Trump? Clinton is corrupt, but at least she has Bill Clinton who was a pretty decent President. I don’t know Trump, and he has no principles, so I would likely then vote for Clinton over Trump. I do however, believe that God’s truth as revealed in the Holy Scriptures are timeless and apply to every facet of life, not just the ones that are convenient.

We are called as Christians to apply the principles we are taught in the Scriptures to every area of our life. We are taught to read, learn, and meditate on God’s word in order to obtain a Christ-centered worldview. No, we are not perfect and will never be. However, we can inch closer to His standards every day and apply his commandments in our everyday life. Politics is not separate from our Christian beliefs. God is the God of everything, not just the God of church on Sundays and our “private” lives.

Can you imagine the Founders using Dr. Scott’s arguments? Can you imagine the pastors that signed the Declaration of Independence being so unprincipled, weak, and ungodly? Yes, what Dr. Scott said was the epitome of ungodly. It directly violates and contradicts Scripture. Only Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life; not culture or the whims of what evangelical leaders believe. These evangelical leaders and so-called Christians are doing a disservice to their country, but more importantly they are violating Scripture.

The irony is most of these same evangelical leaders preached and condemned the Obama cultists and so-called Christians that voted for him during the 2008 election. They, as leaders, called on us to follow biblical principles instead of succumbing to the cult of personality that was engulfing the nation. They were right then, so what changed? Trump is on our team.

If Trump were running in the Democrat Party, you can bet all of these evangelical leaders would be railing on his hypocrisy, flip-flopping, and ungodliness. This has revealed their character because it was not and is not about principle, but about our “side” winning. That makes us no better than the millions of people who blindly followed Obama. Let me be very clear, Obama is a corrupt man and many of us knew this before the 2008 election, which is why we fought so hard against him. However, Obama is not even close to being as corrupt as Trump or Clinton. Anyone who believes otherwise cannot give one example to prove it. Idolatry is idolatry, it doesn’t matter what party or person it is. We, as a party and the “evangelical” community, have shown to be no different than the Obama drones.

How can we judge the Christians that voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012 and call them ungodly, worldly, and unbiblical when we are voting and worshiping a man that has less of a moral compass and fear of God than Obama?

We, as Americans, do not require our President to be a Christian or to be godly. However, we as Christians first and Americans second, do require the person we are going to back with all of our might to have some semblance of morality and belief in God, especially during the primary races. Those who supported Trump during the primaries, a man who has stated he has never had to ask God for forgiveness, have no excuse.

Now, I’m sure some pastors and so-called Christians will likely say I am ignorant, judgmental, and the antithesis of what Scripture demands. Okay, maybe so. However, let me just end with this thought.

When we die and face God in his throne for judgment, who will he likely condemn: a) Me, the one who opposed Donald Trump and called out pastors and so-called Christians for violating what I believe are clear, and never-changing principles? or b) Them, the one’s who supported a man that has funded Planned Parenthood, supported abortion, agrees with same-sex marriage, has never asked God for forgiveness for anything while claiming to be a Christian, believes transgenders should use whatever bathroom they “identify” with, uses vulgar language constantly, has stated he would have dated his own daughter if he could, has been accused of rape, is a friend of a known pedophile, and has allegedly defrauded many companies.

There are of course many more I can list, but those are off the top of my head. I can rest my head on my pillow at night and know that my conscience before God is clean and that I have not violated my Christian principles due to idolatry. Can they? If they are truly Christians, I think not.


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