The Gay lobby Won by Using Morality Against Immoral Christians.

We all remember the argument used to promote homosexual relationships and same-sex marriage, “I’m born this way, therefore it is wrong for you to prohibit me to love someone of the same sex”

Not surprisingly, the argument has now shifted. Instead of just, “I’m born this way,” it now includes whatever sex I want to choose to love. Make no mistake, this is not hidden by the gay lobby and their advocates. They openly espouse being able to “love” anyone of any sex that you choose, even if you do not identify as gay.

This is easily evident and promoted in universities throughout the country. Academia and the powers that be claim that there is nothing wrong with someone wanting to experiment with others of the same-sex to see if they enjoy the experience or not. In fact, they encourage it as a method of self-discovery. However, even if you like the experience, it doesn’t mean you are gay, you could just be curious.

Herein lies the problem that we, Christians, have been warning about for years, The prior argument of, “we are born this way” was only used to advance an agenda. Unfortunately, there are still many that believe that premise, especially among the uninformed.

However, academia for years has had its goal in making marriage irrelevant. How do you make one of the oldest and prestigious institutions irrelevant? By removing its meaning and traditions. You can see it for yourself. The argument of, “I’m born this way” was meant to be a moral one. Whether you believe in God or not, if you truly believe someone is born gay, it would be wrong to not allow them to marry someone they “love” of the same-sex. (Note: For the record, I do not believe that to be the case. I believe the practice of homosexuality to be a sin).

The gay lobby understood all too well that if you win the so-called “moral” battle, the war will be far easier to win. Now they are putting all of their cards on the table and are not ashamed to show it. Who cares if you are not gay? If you have same-sex attractions or are just curious and want to pursue it, go ahead. There are no standards. limitations, or moral codes anymore. That was the goal and they succeeded.

The gay lobby knew that many, if not most modern-day Christians are corrupt, worldly, and immoral. We do not know Scripture or have a strong relationship with Christ. They hijacked our own moral argument and used it against us. In other words, they know us better than we do and it shows. It was a gutsy move. The argument should be easily refutable by any Christian with half a brain, but most so-called “Christians” don’t know Christ or Scripture. So they bought into it hook, line, and sinker.

As a consequence of removing the absolute moral standards set by God through his divine Scriptures, society is falling down like a game of Jenga. Many of us were laughed at for saying polygamy, poly-amorous relationships, and pedophilia were coming up next. Unfortunately, the ones who laughed don’t ever apologize for being wrong. In fact, they used to say it would never happen, but now they cheer and laud these so-called “advances” in our culture without realizing the suicide we are committing.

This has nothing to do with civil rights, equality, or fairness. This has everything to do with destroying a culture from within and removing any semblance of absolute morality. When you remove absolute morality (God’s law), the people are ripe for the picking. We are almost to that point and I shudder to think what will happen when we get there…God help us.

On the other hand, why should He? We abandoned him.


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