The Marketplace of Ideas is the Only Form of True Equality.

For whatever reason, fairness and equality are in fashion these days. Listening to Hillary, Bernie Sanders, or even Trump for that matter, you would come away thinking there is little to no equality in the United States.

Forget the fact that we are the most diverse country on earth and have accepted more immigrants per capita in the last 100 years than most of the world combined. More often than not, fairness and equality are rarely used in their truest form. Instead, they are used in some abstract, almost meaningless way that allows those who accuse the United States (i.e., Capitalism) of said unfairness or lack of equality to make general assumptions on which they are rarely challenged.

We see this especially today. “We need equal rights for all.” Who wouldn’t agree with that statement? We all want equality. Well, all of us except progressive liberals that is.

Equality is not the same outcome for all, nor is it the ability or “right” to go through life without being offended. What we are seeing now is the silencing of free speech by the totalitarian mindset that exists among the left. These so called “safe zones,” which are ironically located in universities, are meant for these “children” who have been told all their life that they are special and want to go through college without having to be made uncomfortable by any opposing beliefs or…shock…offended.

As a Christian conservative, I was constantly offended in school. Never once did I believe that others should be subjected to my will of not wanting to be offended. However, thanks to the teaching I received at home, I took a somewhat novel approach…I debated my point of view with professor’s and students alike. So shocking was this idea, that I actually persuaded some to at least consider my positions. Who would have thought a university was for learning and discussing opposing view points?

Let me be clear, not allowing others to express their opinions because it offends you is tyrannical. It makes you no different than any of the other totalitarian regimes with the only thing missing is the inability of (for now) being able to silence them using a gun. Make no mistake, you are still using force. Mob rule is still just as tyrannical as communism, the only difference is they are able to vote (Hey, that’s a democratic socialist).

Not surprisingly, this is why our brilliant Founding Fathers did not make us a democracy. Instead, we are a Representative Republic with enumerated powers enshrined in the Constitution. They knew that democracy is fickle and could eliminate free speech as quickly as it was given. Nothing is safe in mob rule.

What we are seeing today is dogma being enforced via mob rule. Skeptical about man-made Global warming? You are a heretic and you should be imprisoned. Don’t believe a business owner, church, or religious organization must provide birth control or perform gay weddings? You must be prosecuted, heavily fined, and made an example of. Don’t believe that men should use women’s restrooms because it may put some women or children in danger? You are an evil, bigoted, hate-filled, xenophobic heterosexual. I could go on, but you get the point.

When confronted with the above facts, liberals are quick to say, “It’s about civil rights, equality, and fairness.” Notice how freedom is rarely mentioned during their arguments. That’s normally because  so-called “equality and fairness” comes at the expense of someone else’s freedom (Not there’s).

Progressives are also quick to point out the dire situation we are in (i.e., Global Warming). See, they are not tyrannical or trying to censure people, they just care so much and the world is so close to the brink of destruction that they cannot afford any dissent or opposition (They used the same alarmism in the 1970’s during Global Cooling). Funny how those are eerily similar to the arguments used by Margaret Sanger, Hitler, Stalin, and most of the founders of “Earth Day.” They believed that man-kind must be eliminated in order for the earth to survive (Read “The Population Bomb”). Maybe we have our priorities out of whack? (Side note: If you’re confused, read Romans 1, it will explain everything in detail).

There will always be a time that is different than the last. There will always be circumstances that may seem more vital at the time. However, the only way we are all truly equal is in the marketplace of ideas.

Can you imagine the great Greek philosophers not being able to speak their mind? It actually did happen. Socrates, arguably the greatest philosopher of all time, was imprisoned and sentenced to death because he was, “corrupting the youth.” The arguments today are just recycled arguments used thousands of years ago. In fact, they have been used since the inception of mankind. Progressive liberals are not as creative as they would lead us to believe.

Imagine Athens, in its heyday, full of philosophers arguing, opining, and pontificating on the meaning of life, war, and morality. They passionately disagreed at times, but they tried to persuade others, not silence them. The result was the discovery of the philosophy of rhetoric, aesthetics, and many others that we still use today.

Free speech has and will always be under attack. It’s opponents will continue to use recycled and apocalyptic language, because they know people who are scared will give up their liberty for a little feeling of security.

We are only free when we can express what we believe without repercussion. Yes, this sometimes involves hate-speech, racism, stupidity, and offensive language. The beauty is that in a free world, we also are able to express our counterarguments and rhetoric against the same people who offend us.

We do not have the right to censure the opinions, beliefs, or thoughts of others, no matter what they may be.

As a society, if we believe in freedom, we cannot have equality of outcome without the use of coercion and force (stealing someone else’s money). However, we can allow and encourage the free flow of discourse and allow people to judge for themselves what they believe is right or wrong.

Unfortunately, there are those that do not want the free exchange of ideas and open discourse. I could only wonder why they are trying so hard to silence dissent in science, schools, churches, businesses, and the media.

On second thought, I don’t need to wonder, I just need to look to Europe, China, Cuba, Russia, Venezuela and most of the world to realize that the last bastion of freedom for speaking your mind is still the United States.

What happens when it’s gone and where do we go? Exactly.


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