Transgenderism & The Hypocrisy of Gender Identity as a Social Construct.

The slippery slope fallacy. We all have engaged in it whether we are aware of it or not. However, there comes a point in our culture where “change” goes too far and the slippery slope argument goes from fallacy to reality. That point comes when nothing we believe in is grounded in any basis of absolute morality or even scientific fact for that matter.

In fact, logic, science, morality, and common sense are now irrelevant or despised. Obviously, what follows is mass confusion and the foreseeable cannibalism of every decent value and standard that has kept our society sane, alive, and prosperous.  This inevitably results in the wants and whims of a minority overtaking the wants and/or freedoms of the majority. In other words, the “rights” of the minority becomes the tyrannical rule over the majority.

This can only happen when morality has come unglued from its absoluteness in God and shifts to relativeness according to man and societies wants and needs at any given time.

Take for example the transgender movement and the issue of gender identity. We are now told that our gender is not based on what type of chromosomes (XX or XY) or genitalia we are born with, but based on what we, as a person, “identify” with. Previously, in order to change one’s gender and be classified as transgender, one had to struggle with one’s identity for years, undergo therapy, and then finally make the transition. Not anymore.

Now, according to progressives, gender is constantly fluid. Today, I can “identify” as a male, but tomorrow I can choose to “identify” as a female. Let’s not forget all the other types of gender pronouns out there such as cisgender, transgender, jupitergender, etc..

In a sane society, this would normally be enough to say, “What the heck is going on. Have we lost our minds?” Oh, but it gets worse.

The progressive’s own arguments show their own hypocrisy. Progressives love to state how gender is a societal construct (i.e., the way boys and girls act are dictated by how society expects them to act rather than a normal free-flow of how they want to act). However, they don’t even believe their own arguments.

If gender is a societal construct, then why the big deal to allow someone from one gender to try and behave like the gender of the opposite sex? After all, according to progressives, playing with barbies is not feminine per se, neither should playing with toy soldiers be masculine. Why does a man who identifies as a woman need to cross-dress to prove he identifies as a woman or use a woman’s restroom? Shouldn’t that man who identifies as a woman continue acting the way he has been acting since gender is a societal construct? In fact, I would argue he/she/it would be a trail blazer for showing how gender is a societal construct by identifying as the opposite sex, but continuing to act the same. Of course, we know that is not the goal. Hypocrisy be damned.

The problem is we know inherently and fundamentally that gender is not a product of society or environment, though it does play a role. God has established gender since our conception. Yes, there are tom-girl’s and yes there are non-gay feminine men, but ironically that does not mean they are not part of their gender. If gender is a societal construct then why have men been warriors since the inception of the human race? Why have men been the hunters/builders, while women are usually the nurturers?

Ironically, their argument would fail even under an evolutionary belief system. Transgender’s would cease to survive and the world has always needed and still currently needs gender stereotype’s in order to ensure its survival.  Under evolution, the strongest survive and the weak don’t.

If liberal’s truly believed this societal gender construct crap, they would encourage transgenders to remain who they are now and not force some artificial notion of femininity or masculinity. The problem is, it’s not logical.

The left loves to tout their love for science and one of their favorite past-time’s is making Christians and the Right seem like anti-science bigots. However, if a transgender person dies today and his/her body is dug up in 50 years and a DNA test is performed to establish its sex, do you think it will read what they”identify” with or what they were born with? That my friends, is science. The other is…well…crazy. So, who is truly anti-science? It’s not me, that I can tell you.


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