Feminism is Dead & Obsolete-Transgenderism Killed It.

Ah, feminism, how far you have come. From fighting to have a right to vote; to having a man show he can be a better woman than a natural born woman (Bruce Jenner).

The irony in modern day feminism would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad. In the 1920’s feminists fought for equality in voting and in the workforce. In the 1960’s they fought for “reproductive rights” whatever that means. Today? No one knows. From the 1920’s to the early 2000’s, at least women knew they were fighting for women, not anymore.

Transgenderism has made feminism obsolete. If women are not born women, but are only women via identity, then there is no need to fight for equal rights or empowerment of women. The word woman no longer has any meaning and its definition is constantly changing.

Discrimination against women can be fixed by identifying as another gender. For example, what if you are a woman in body but identify as neither male or female? Do you get the benefits of feminism? What if a person born in a male body makes more money than a woman but identifies as neither male nor female? Is he a misogynist or part of the patriarchal society? Does he have male privilege? So confusing…

If gender is solely a basis of identity, then feminism is worthless. In fact, I would argue feminism perpetuates societal stereotypes, while reinforcing an identity on a group of people. Work done by feminist is discriminatory because it does not let in men who identify as women.

It also shows that a gender identifying woman that was born in a male body and wants to participate in womanly activity is a better woman than a naturally born woman could ever be, Why? Men, in general, are biologically stronger, taller, and faster than women.

Other than giving birth, why do we as a society need women anymore? Men that “transform” into women can do everything women can do and more, though most are still extremely unattractive. Generally, women who “transform” into men cannot do what men do better than them. So, women are inherently at a disadvantage.

Some feminists know this and have been outspoken and critical about Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner. They realize that when gender becomes irrelevant and based on some obscure “identity,” their fight no longer matters. They are like the old Terminator model, weak and obsolete.

The irony is that they brought this on themselves. They were complicit and worked hand-in-hand with the LGBTQHIKLMNOP community to advance their agenda. Now they are staring at their own demise. Unfortunately, as much as I despise feminists, it effects all of society.

I wish I could say it will be sweet to see feminists slowly be sucked into obscurity and irrelevance. Unfortunately, we as Christians are headed in that same route for different reasons.

Feminists, as you currently exist, your days are numbered and you have only yourselves to blame.


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