Yes, a Democratic Socialist is a Marxist.

It’s amazing to see so many young people (and some old) fall for Bernie Sanders. His history has been one of praising communist “greats” such as Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Lenin, etc..

Bernie loves communism so much that he went to the Soviet Union for his honeymoon. I do not know why he didn’t ask for a permanent place there, I am sure they would have gladly obliged.

My biggest frustration is Bernie’s admission that he is a “democratic socialist.” Oh, in that case that makes everything okay then. However, facts are funny little things. If we only had an idea of who first coined the phrase “democratic socialist,” we would have an idea of what it means. Oh, wait..silly me..we do!

So who was it? None other than the great Vladimir Lenin. Yup, the same guy, who along with Stalin, is responsible for millions upon millions of death due to his communistic and iron-fisted form of government.

The democratic part about this is that the people voted him in. He ran on a democratic platform and unequivocally stated how he wanted power for the people. In fact, they made a Constitution and everything. The Constitution promised tons of free goodies and all kinds of rights to the Russian people. Education, jobs, land, and all of the businesses now belonged to the people and were taken away from the greedy rich.

It was a new morning in Russia where prosperity and equality was the name of the game. Lenin preached democracy and freedom for all. Well…until his party did not win as many seats as he had hoped in the post-revolutionary government. So, what was a frustrated, newly-elected, first democratic socialist of his kind do? Well, Lenin dissolved the Republic, posted guards outside the meeting hall where the politicians were convening, and banned all political parties except his own. Why would he do this? He claimed to be doing, “the will of the people.” Sound familiar? It should. So much for a democracy. He went on to censure the media, anyone who opposed him, and went unrestricted by any laws (See “The Red Terror”).

In a time where socialism is enticing to so many and the horrors of communism are so quickly forgotten, we need to be able to look at history and show that none of this is new. Bernie’s ideas are not revolutionary or novel. These things have been tried before and failed miserably. In Cuba, North Korea, and some other parts of the world, this still continues. That is socialism and communism. The only difference is whether it is democratic or not. Eventually, even democratic socialism goes against the people.

Why would we purposefully give up the freedom and wealth that capitalism with all of its faults has provided for a system or systems that have never worked? Why would we leave what’s tried and true for a system or systems whose advocates claim the only reason they have not worked is because of the wrong people leading it?

I don’t trust any politician to be smart enough to control a massive central government, fairly or otherwise, especially a socialistic or communistic one. Why should they determine what is fair? Are they less greedy than you or me? I don’t think so. Like the timeless adage states, “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” That’s why I support Ted Cruz. Unlike the rest, he knows he is not smart or strong enough to supervise the behemoth that is government and wants to make it smaller in an effort to truly allow freedom for all, not just a few. I don’t know about you, but that sounds mighty good to me.


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