Yes, We Did Build That.

A few years ago, President Obama uttered the infamous line, “you didn’t build that.” Taken in context, it is obvious that our brilliant President was trying to make a point that no one becomes successful without some form of help from someone else (aka government). Fair point.

However, to claim that the “benevolence” of government in the form of roads, tax breaks, and other areas should be praised for helping businesses succeed is ludicrous and its proponents do not understand even the most basic form of economic policy.

First, it is important to note that the government cannot and does not produce. It does not create a product or anything of value in the market place. All of its money must be taken from the market to fund its existence. It is one big money-pit, literally.

Let’s take the highways for instance. Liberal logic goes something like this: 1) Government built the highway system; 2) People who have businesses use the highway system; 3) Therefore, government helped build A,B,C business and has the right to tax it.

When in reality, real logic goes as follows: 1) Businesses existed before government created roads; 2) The people via the government realized we needed a highway system; 3) The people were willing to use their hard earned money from their businesses to allow government to build the highway system; 4) Therefore, the people built the highway system.

You see, government cannot build anything on its own. We, the people, collectively pool our resources to do things we cannot do individually. Government is only the medium for that project, not the benevolent ruler that generously bestowed it upon us out of the goodness of its heart. If we the people were to say no, then a highway system would never have been built. Those same businesses the liberals claimed they “helped” build were many of the ones that were taxed to build the highway system in the first place.

If anything, that business has a right to tell our politicians, “You didn’t build that, I did.”


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