When Identity Clashes With Reality

We live in a precarious world. One that is telling us that all we have to do is believe something and it will become real, ergo no problems truly exist.

For example, I am 5’6, but I can identify as 6’5 and no one has the right to say I am not the height I say I am. There is only one problem with this scenario, eventually reality will prove that I am wrong. Due to my compact physique, I sometimes have a hard time reaching certain objects on top of the closet or cupboard.

Society wants to claim that it is cruel to not acknowledge what someone believes is true or what they are feeling. However, isn’t it more cruel to allow me to believe I am 6’5 and make a fool of myself when I need to get on a stool to reach certain objects while still trying to convince others I am tall? Today, society shames the people who see me get on the stool and laugh instead of the one who is lying about his height. I am objectively not 6’5, by any measure, not even in fantasy.

Therein lies the problem. We have detached so far from any form of absolute truth, which is found in God’s Holy Word that there is nothing left to ground us to reality. Anything ridiculous that the human mind can fathom can and will eventually become reality.

Is life too hard? Want a simpler life? Why not become a goat? Seriously, I am not joking. Some people envy their dogs and want to have the same kind of life their dogs have. The problem is, no matter how much we want to be a dog, God did not create us as dogs.

We can cry, scream, yell and demand for others to see us as a dog, but we will never genetically become a dog. We will never think like a dog, have the capacity they have for hearing and smelling, or be simple like a dog.

We are so desperate to change how God has made us that we are willing to embrace the unnatural and ridiculous. Romans 1 sums this up perfectly. It all boils down to rebellion; we hate God and everything He represents. Because we are made in God’s image, it must be devalued and destroyed. That is the essence of humanism, rebellion. We must devalue what God has made and remake it in our image, no matter what form that may come.

Make no mistake, this identity crises in the United States is a shot across the bow to God, or so they think. Fortunately, God is and will always be sovereign and in control. He does not depend on His creation to feel good about Himself. However, He does love us and has shown it time and time again throughout history, despite our sinful and rebellious nature.

The only way to change this crises is to return to biblical principles. It does not mean that everyone has to become a Christian, but the culture should embrace the principles our Founders knew all too well would work. They also knew that we could not survive without God playing a central role in our government and culture.

The anchor has broken and the boat is drifting. Will we be able to reconnect to the anchor on time before we drown? In truth, only God knows.


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