About This Blog

I am a proud American. I am a young, hispanic, Christian conservative and make no apologies for being so.

Why am I starting a blog? For several reasons:

1) To help provide useful information to low information voters, particularly Hispanics.

2) To participate in and facilitate discourse on important issues.

3) To encourage others to learn about the issues that affect their daily lives.

4) To stir curiosity and help others learn to see both sides of the issues.

5) To increase my knowledge of certain particular areas.

6) To help others learn to think critically on certain issues and challenge conventional wisdom or “group-think.”

If all goes well, I will try to write daily. My goal is to write about current events and news reports. Most, if not all of my writings will be opinion based, though many will include facts and why I came to the conclusions that I did.

If you have a comment or criticism of my blog, please do not hesitate to post. However, I do ask for everyone to keep it civil. Discourse and disagreements are not only allowed, but encouraged. Thank you!



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