When Will Democrat’s Have Had Enough?

When will Democrat’s have had enough of Obama embarrassing himself and our beloved America on the world stage? Ideologue’s will deny this of course. However, any objective observer would conclude that the last few years have been humiliating for the Obama administration in the area of foreign policy.

Don’t believe me? Let’s take a trip down memory lane…

1) Putin, through Assad, embarrassed the hell out of the Obama administration. If you recall the events in question, the Obama administration drew a “red line” with Syria in regards to using chemical warfare in the country’s civil war. Well, Assad didn’t seem to get the memo and used them anyway. He covered it well, but consensus throughout the world and the U.N was that the chemical weapons had to be used by Assad.

This presented a big problem for Obama. The world believed Assad had used chemical weapons on civilians, and Obama had warned the government not to use those weapons month’s before or there would be grave consequences. Our brilliant Secretary of State, John Kerry, made an off-the-cuff statement to the effect “There would be little retribution if Syria cooperates with the United States in regards to its chemical weapons.” Putin, the brilliant strategist that he is, called Assad and orchestrated a consequence-free solution for Syria. As of now, nothing has happened to Assad and they still have most of their chemical weapons.

2) “Reset” with Russia. Who could forget the infamous scene where then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave then Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev, a red button symbolizing a “historic” reset in U.S.-Russia relations. Since then, our relationship with Russia has never been stronger and they have become an invaluable ally around the world…Jk! My bad, I awoke from a Utopian dream.

Remember when Obama mocked Romney for saying Russia was our biggest Geopolitical threat? Remember when Obama apologized for being wrong and completely ignorant on the topic? Me neither. Does Obama ever get tired of being wrong? Geesh. Not only was he wrong, Russia has been schooling us in foreign policy for the last two years and it is only getting worse.

3) Apparently, Obama thinks ISIS is akin to a JV team. He should tell that to the tens of thousands of Muslims, Christians, Women, and Homosexuals that are being eradicated in the Middle East. They have only grown. Sure, we have somewhat halted their advancement in Iraq, but they are gaining ground in Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan. Yea, that’s JV alright.

4) The Iranian Executive Agreement. Let’s be clear, a President can form an Executive Agreement with another country. However, that is not what he is doing. He is trying to create a treaty by calling it an Executive Agreement and the Constitution is clear. The embarrassment comes in the form of the Iranian top negotiator who apparently has a very different definition of the “framework” that the Obama administration. He went so far as to call them liars and accuse them of spinning the facts on Twitter. Some have even said they are so desperate for a deal that they have been begging the Iranians. Not to mention that during this whole process, the Iranian Supreme Leader has called for “death to America.”

This would be hilarious if it wasn’t so pathetic.


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